Sensations represent the physical experience of a moment and are a special part of being human. Sometimes these feelings are simple, so small or insignificant that we don’t notice. Sometimes a sensation evokes emotions we fear or try to avoid. Emotions play an important role in personal, social, and fate, and can be a powerful stimulator of sensations.

Sensations is a personal series that uses cinematic photography to depict the honest and emotional feelings of two lovers. The collection begins with the lovers on a road trip in the car where the first argument begins and ends in separation.

All photographs are inspired by true events that happened in my relationship with my husband. The title of each photograph represents the event or the sensation I felt in the moment, as depicted through the language of photography.

This collection does not take sides. It does not pass judgment on a person or idea. Rather, it serves as a reflection of my emotions and thoughts and symbolizes the choices we make.

It began with a fight, a simple argument in the car between me and my spouse at the beginning of a road trip. Over the course of a month, I photographed everything that happened between us at the various locations we traveled. 

Some of the images photographed are from real events, and some photographs used directed reality Involvement that can show my imagination and dreams. Others use imagery, nature, and animals (Horse a symbol of the years my spouse and I were born in)to depict inner feelings and dreams.

The camera serves as a witness, observing the intimate moments and the end of my relationship unfolding before me. The series was photographed over a one-month period in more than 50 locations in three states: Washington, Oregon, and California.