Childhood memories are usually sweet mental images that we remember with fondness, but they may not be real memories and, perhaps only our minds created them. Or have not experienced them ourselves, and they have been formed in our minds by seeing old photos.
Most people recall their childhood memories in great detail, but usually, some of these memories are not real and they are just tricks of the mind. Your reality is still a small child inside you who will never grow up.
The moments when you have fun, feel happy, draw, read poetry and stories, and listen to music, your inner child can show themselves. These are the happiest moments of your life because your true self comes out.
Every day I pay attention to the child inside me,
I allow innocence, playfulness, and beauty to shine within me.
I give the child inside me a chance to come out and play.
For me, these are the only moments when I do not belong anywhere. This is somewhere between time and, space.