BLOOM is a collection of more than seven hundred recycled cups and flatware repurposed into floral shapes and displayed as part of a couture gown. The idea of making plastic flowers occurred to me while hanging out at a house party surrounded by people drinking out of solo cups and using excessive amounts of plastic flatware and paper plates. I realized not only how much we throw away, but also how accustomed we are to single-use, temporary items. We seldom stop to think about the inherent loveliness these objects can contain. 

Instead of becoming part of a landfill, I gathered the discarded materials and creatively recycled them into something beautiful. In this series, I have created fine-art styled fashion photographs using recycled products, redefining the idea that “beautiful” inevitably means “new.” 

The main goal of this project is to use the photography medium to remind us all about the dangers of overproduction and consumption of plastics and encourage alternative and artistic uses for recycled products. By creating a culture of positivity around recycling, the BLOOM project aims to encourage future generations to be mindful about what they throw away.

How to make the flowers form plastic spoons
Bloom-Behind the sense