“All of the flowers used for this project are hand made with more than seven hundred plastic cups and spoons.”

Often, we are unaware of how discarded material can help our creativity flourish. We are so accustomed to single-use, temporary items that we seldom stop to think about the inherent loveliness these objects can contain.

The idea of making plastic flowers first occurred to me while somewhat absent-mindedly playing with a plastic cup at a party. Instead of becoming part of a landfill, I gathered these plastics to become something recycled and striking to decorate homes, and create  women’s or men’s accessories for this project.

Consuming fossil fuels and the release of pollutants into the water, which is a side effect of fashion and the clothing industry, is the second major polluter of the environment. In this collection, I am responding to fine-art photographs that look like fashion portraits. With my style, I am changing the appearance from fine-art to fashion and creating an effect that oscillates between both worlds. 

How to make the flowers form plastic spoons
Bloom-Behind the sense