Tirdad’s love for human beings can be seen in his works, which are mostly portraits of ordinary people, artists, and fashion photography. His artistic and poetic vision from behind his camera has shaped his unique style of photography.

He grew up in a middle-class family with the support of his mother, who fostered his innate art. He graduated in graphic design and discovered his interest in photography in the same years. After graduating and experiencing self-taught photography, he was hired as the director of one of the largest photography studios in Iran in 2006 and worked in this studio until 2012, when he left Iran to Turkey.

Contrary to what he envisioned, moving to Turkey as a gay refugee paved the way for a better life. His arrival in Turkey coincided with his employment as a manager of the post-production of one of the professional commercial photography studios. He worked as a photographer and graphic designer with major European companies until 2015.

During those years, he continued to photograph portraits of refugees as one of his projects, and the result was a collection named “Torang” (Pheasant) That deals with the life of an Iranian refugee woman dancer’s which led to an exhibition in Los Angeles in 2017.

His photographs have won his many awards and have been published in several magazines, including the “Vogue Italia magazine.”

His quest for new experiences has made him an artist with a wide range of skills, leading to the creation of unique works from portraits to landscapes.